It has been a rough couple of years. My writings had, for a time been a daily or at least weekly event. In the last few years I stopped writing entirely and then only writing sporadically. There are numerous reasons for this, which I won’t go into. However, after spending a few days evaluating my life and my passions, I determined that writing, especially writing about homesteading, living simply, and sustainability is a something central to my being. I was re-reading some past writings from 2006. I could hear the passion in my voice in so many areas: living simply and living locally. I could hear that desire to create a future for my children and grandchildren. Although the passion was always here, the eagerness and the desire to share my visions was lost.

I am at a new place now. I had been sucked back into the vortex of the system at large. Recently, my tie to the system has been severed, which allows me to explore my life and passions. I can see the life around me turning back to how I always wished to live. So, we are now re-exploring making and growing our own: cleansers, vegetables, poultry, dairy, and meats. I look forward to sharing these adventures with you.

Everything (or almost everything) that was written previously has been moved over into this new blog. This meant combining 4 blogs into one. Unfortunately, most of the comments were lost in the earliest writings, but the content is there.

– Emme


5 Responses to I’m baaaaack (for real)

  1. emme says:

    thank you! I’m happy to be back :)

  2. Simple Sam says:

    Is there a way for me to subscribe to this blog or do I have to remember to visit it regularly to see what you’ve posted? Thank you!

    • emme says:

      I don’t have subscription set up yet… I will work on that. For now, if you are on facebook, if you click on the fb icon in the upper right, you’ll be able to “like” the page on fb. The posts do go there. :)

      I will post if I get a subscrption going.

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