I sit here and look at the world around me — our little homestead. To me it simultaneously seems mundane and magical. The daily tasks of laundry, fire tending, cooking, animal chores are mundane, and uninteresting. The daily tasks and habits are not very exciting and sometimes are downright dreary. However, in those tasks, there is time for self-examination, there is time to watch the world around us, there is time to witness the magical.

As I look at the trees in our treeline, I can see how they each twist and grow, searching for the sunlight that will help nourish them. As I watch the bubbles grow and move on my sourdough starter, I am reminded of the life that is created as the yeasts  feed and exude gas bubbles. As I watch the chickens peck and scratch, I am reminded that I am caring for these magnificent creatures who supply food for our family. As I watch the pigs run and gallop across the pasture, I am reminded that all creatures love, live, and enjoy play.

My mundane life is anything but mundane — it is full of magic that reminds me that life’s gifts are everywhere. We can learn from watching the lives around us. As the new year begins, I resolve to plant my feet back into the ground of this homestead and learn to love and live from those around me; my family, the trees, the yeasts, the chickens,  the pigs, and more. Life’s gifts surround me.


2 Responses to magically mundane

  1. Kathie says:

    This is simply beautiful and I completely understand.

  2. LP says:

    I was looking for hen info a while back and came across a story. A lady had moved in with her relatives to start her life over – a remake. Her experience with chickens was limited, but sitting on the back porch, that changed. She related how each evening with the birds was its very own version of a sit com – a new episode with each player doing something different. Her sister, I believe, came out to see what she was doing and she spoke and laughed about what the birds were doing and asked for company. It was her sister’s turn to laugh, and said, “Oh, I’ve seen this episode before!”

    Within the mundane can be found something unique. We just have to be open to it.

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